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Discover our premium body care: innovative anti-aging creams, firming body lotions with collagen and exfoliating body foam

Body care for an all-round beautiful skin

You pay a lot of attention to your face and spoil it every day with a rich care product. But redness, impurities and fine lines can not only be noticed on the face. The body skin also shows signs of aging, irritation or dry areas - for example because it is exposed to UV radiation and environmental influences or you simply have a genetic predisposition for a certain skin type. It is therefore important that you use selected body care products that bring your skin back into balance and make it supple again. Reach for a powerful exfoliating body foam and luxurious body lotion. Add a décolleté cream to your daily routine to care for the sensitive skin on your décolleté. The hands should not be neglected either and thanks to a hydrating hand cream they feel pleasantly soft.

Our range of quality personal care products includes:

  • Nourishing body lotion with collagen to tighten the skin
  • Rich anti-aging cream for the neck, décolleté and chest area
  • Moisturizing hand cream
  • Gentle exfoliating body foam

Selected body care for your skin type

So that you feel completely comfortable in your body, you should attach importance to extensive body care that suits your individual skin type. For example, if your skin is dry and prone to flaky patches, you need a moisturizing product. If your skin has lost its elasticity and shows wrinkles, care with high-quality collagen is suitable. In our QMS body care range you will discover premium products that make your skin visibly more beautiful.

Nourishing body lotion with collagen to tighten the skin

The elasticity of the connective tissue decreases over the years. It becomes looser and your skin tends to wrinkle. Our Firming Collagen Body Lotion is designed to firm the skin on your body thanks to the innovative QMS Neotec A15® complex. At the same time, the body lotion intensively moisturizes your skin - thanks to active ingredients such as shea butter and marula oil. Apply cream to your body after the shower or bath.

Rich anti-aging cream for the neck, décolleté and chest area

As on the face, wrinkles can become noticeable on the sensitive skin on the neck, décolleté and chest. So pamper the areas with a special care product like our Firm Density Neck & Bust Cream. This is enriched with extracts from the West African kigelia fruit, which impresses with skin-firming properties and ensures firm skin. Aloe Vera provides extra moisture.

Moisturizing hand cream

Frequent hand washing or handling detergents can dry out your hands. It is therefore important that you cream them regularly. Our Replenishing Protection Hand Cream provides intensive moisture and leaves hands silky soft. As part of anti-aging care, the hand cream also supports the skin in storing nutrients that prevent signs of skin aging and keep the skin elastic.

Gentle exfoliating body foam

The skin on the body is also constantly renewed. You can remove dead skin cells with an effective exfoliating body foam that you use once or twice a week just before you shower. Our Active Exfoliant 5% Body Foam is a gently exfoliating foam that uses the power of natural enzymes from papaya and bacillus ferment to make your skin supple. In addition, the pores are freed from excess sebum and thus skin impurities are prevented. Thanks to the revitalizing effect of the body foam, your skin will also be pleasantly refreshed.

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