Collagen Care

Discover our highly effective collagen care: firming creams for the face, neck and décolleté, serums, eye masks and collagen capsules.

Collagen care for firm, supple skin

We all want firm skin that doesn't show any wrinkles and has a beautiful glow. Over the years, however, normal skin aging occurs. As early as our mid-20s, the production of collagen in our body slowly decreases. Result: Our skin becomes slacker and paler. But what is collagen? This is an endogenous protein that is found in your teeth, bones, cartilage and also in your skin. It ensures their strength and elasticity and forms a stable base. However, if your skin has less and less collagen, you have to boost collagen synthesis again and supply collagen from the inside and outside. Our collagen creams and serums with the active ingredient collagen hydrolyzate supply the skin with collagen from the outside and ensure more elasticity and moisture. Dietary supplements such as collagen capsules support the effect through targeted collagen supply from the inside.

Our high-quality collagen care includes:

  • Collagen Serums & Concentrates
  • Collagen cream for face, neck & décolleté
  • collagen capsules
  • Collagen Eye Mask

Collagen care boosts collagen synthesis and hydrates the skin

If the collagen structure of your skin is intact, it is firm and radiant. However, the more collagen the skin breaks down - for example due to age or free radicals - the more wrinkles it forms. You can supply new collagen to the skin and at the same time activate its own production of collagen synthesis. This strengthens the connective tissue.

Collagen serums for firm and moisturized skin

Collagen serums are perfect as part of anti-aging care. They stimulate collagen production, support cell renewal and moisturize the skin with hyaluronic acid. They are especially effective with previous use of exfoliants. Our Day Collagen Moisture Serum moisturizes your skin while protecting against harmful environmental influences. The particularly nutrient-rich Advanced Collagen Serum in Oil can also penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. If you have sensitive skin, use the Day Collagen Sensitive Serum. During the night, the Night Collagen Serum helps restore your skin's elasticity.

Highly effective collagen cream for a radiant complexion

In addition to the natural aging process of the skin, other factors can also lead to a decrease in elasticity. A lack of estrogen can disrupt the physiological processes of the skin. Our powerful Collagen Recovery Day & Night Cream relies on the proven Neotec A15® collagen-hyaluronic acid complex combined with highly developed biomimetic placenta to improve skin elasticity, stop wrinkling and pamper the skin with moisture.

Collagen Capsules - Anti-aging from within

You can ensure that your skin is adequately supplied with collagen not only from the outside, but also from the inside - with food supplements such as our Collagen Intravital Plus capsules. With the oral collagen, you supply the body with collagen in a targeted manner, while at the same time supporting your skin's own collagen and elastin synthesis and protecting it effectively against environmental damage.

Collagen concentrate & eye mask - a care plus for the skin

If you would like to pamper your skin with a care booster, plan a treatment with our Collagen Concentrate. This contains double the concentration of Neotec A15 collagen-hyaluronic acid complex for deep-acting moisture and elasticity. Our Advanced Collagen Eye Lift Mask is also suitable for padding the sensitive skin around the eyes: It combines native collagen fibers, peptides and molecules with hyaluronic acid and nourishes the skin in 20 minutes.

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