Beauty Sets

Discover the high-performance collagen capsules from QMS: Effective skin supplements combat the first signs of aging for tightened, even-toned skin that glows.

Beauty sets – as a beauty gift for others or to treat yourself

Be it for birthdays, Christmas or an anniversary, there are numerous events offering you the chance to surprise your loved ones with an attractive gift. Our top-quality beauty sets are a great idea, as they contain a range of skincare products so that the recipients can treat themselves. Our beauty gift sets contain a selection of care products from our extensive range that complement one another perfectly, offering blissful moments for wellness lovers. These wellness gifts are not just intended for your loved ones. You too can use our cosmetics gift sets to familiarize yourself with our premium face care offer and discover the ideal products for you. You can nourish your skin with our collagen system or give your complexion a new glow with our luxurious exfoliant. Furthermore, the beauty baskets are handy for traveling: available in compact formats together with a carrying bag, your skincare kit is always to hand when you are away from home, and can be packed in your case without any fuss.

Beauty bundle: premium skincare as a gift

If you are looking for a beauty gift box, there are several beauty kits that contain a selection of skincare products and bring that wellness feeling right into your loved ones’ bathroom. From our cleanser through the face tonic to the day cream with collagen, you have a complete beauty range on hand for your daily routine. And these aren’t just ideal beauty gifts sets for her and him, but a perfect means of treating yourself.

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