Face Masks

Discover our highly effective premium face masks for a fresh, radiant complexion and firm, even skin.

Face masks pamper your skin with extra care

In addition to care products such as face creams or serums that you use every day, there are skincare products that act as care boosters for your skin. Face masks pamper you with rich, concentrated active ingredients that are tailored to the different needs of your skin. Used once or twice a week, the masks help to make the skin look noticeably refreshed, reduce fine lines and wrinkles or calm the complexion. Oily skin is visibly matted and dry skin is intensively hydrated thanks to the right moisturizing mask. If you have impure skin that is prone to impurities and blackheads, you can gently clear it with the right mask. You have the choice between different types of masks for the face: In addition to the classic face masks with a liquid or creamy consistency, you will discover airy foam masks that feel particularly pleasant on your skin.

Our range of quality face masks includes:

  • Moisturizing foam mask
  • Revitalizing mask to reduce harmful environmental influences
  • Firming mask to reduce expression lines and fine lines

      Soothing face masks for a radiant complexion

       If your skin is irritated and reddened, if you discover dry areas or are annoyed by blackheads, a high-quality face mask can bring your complexion back into balance. You can use the beauty mask specifically for current problems with your skin or make it a weekly part of your routine. You apply it directly after cleaning your face, leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes and can then wash it off. Massage residue gently into the skin. In our extensive QMS range you will find premium face masks for pampering care.

      Moisturizing foam mask

      If you have dry skin that itches and flakes, or if you simply want to refresh your face, our Hydro Foam Mask is ideal. The high-quality foam mask intensively moisturizes your facial skin - thanks to selected active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil or vitamin E. At the same time, the skin is protected from environmental damage and wrinkles are reduced. Tip: Enriched with panthenol and allantoin, the face mask soothes your skin - for example in the case of sunburn.

      Revitalizing mask to reduce harmful environmental influences

      Pale skin makes you appear tired. So that you can look forward to a beautiful glow again, use our Epigen Pollution Rescue Mask. The revitalizing foam mask is designed to instantly leave you looking refreshed. This is made possible by an advanced formula that makes the skin significantly more resistant and thus protects it against harmful environmental influences. At the same time, your dry facial skin is moisturized and is visibly smooth again. Apply the moisturizing mask in the evening so that the active ingredients can work overnight.

      Firming mask to reduce expression lines and fine lines

      Extremely dry skin not only feels tense, but often also shows forehead lines, mouth lines and crow's feet. It is important that you provide your face with sufficient moisture. Our Power Firm Mask, which works with a high-quality active ingredient complex based on selected vegetable oils and hyaluronic acid, has an intensively hydrating effect. The skin's resilience is increased and irritations are a thing of the past. This makes your complexion appear rested and relaxed. Tip: Apply the mask to your stressed hands and pamper them with deep-acting moisture.

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