hyperpigmentation routine

Environmental factors and age can affect our skin in the form of pigment spots. With the right care, you protect your skin and don't let the stains appear in the first place. Here's how.

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What to do with pigment spots?

Remove pigment spots on the face

By disturbing hyperpigmentation we mean that the skin forms pigment spots due to an overproduction of melanin. The causes can be varied, for example UV light, hormones or medication - to name just a few. These pigment changes also include melasma, which often appears over a large area. They are caused in particular by hormonal changes, for example during pregnancy, or by hormone preparations. Hyperpigmentation also includes the classic sun sprout, which is due to a genetic predisposition and occurs more frequently in the summer months. The most famous representatives, however, are age spots, which can often be a result of harmful UV radiation. If the irregularities in the skin tone bother you, something can be done about it with high-quality and effective skin care. Rely on care that is enriched with antioxidants such as tocopherol and resveratrol and protects the skin from free radicals and cell changes. Sun protection with a high sun protection factor is also particularly important.

Our routine against hyperpigmentation and pigment spots includes:

• Intensive, mild facial cleansing
• Gentle exfoliating facial lotion
• Facial tonic with tocopherol for a balanced complexion
• Serum to reduce pigment spots for an even complexion
• Intensive anti-aging cream
• Sun protection with SPF 50+
• Regenerating and moisturizing facial care

Pigment spots such as age spots and sun spots do not pose a health problem, but are often perceived as unaesthetic as they disturb the complexion and make it appear uneven. With highly effective care products, however, you can fade your pigment spots and prevent new hyperpigmentation from developing. Our premium facial care includes selected skin care that can give you an even complexion.

1. Intensive, mild facial cleansing

Our Deep Gentle Cleanser thoroughly and gently cleanses your skin and frees the pores from excess sebum and dirt particles. At the same time, it is protected from irritation and dryness. Apply the high-quality cleaning emulsion with your hands, emulsify the milk with a little water and then remove it with our QMS sponge.

2. Gentle Exfoliating Face Lotion

To ensure that your complexion looks even and regains its glow, support your skin with regular exfoliation: Our Gentle Exfoliant Lotion gently removes dead skin cells and removes calluses. At the same time, it stimulates cell division.

3. Facial tonic with tocopherol for a balanced complexion

Prepare your skin for the following care with a toner. Our Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist balances and refreshes your skin's pH. Enriched with the antioxidant tocopherol, our facial tonic effectively protects you against free radicals.

4. Serum to reduce pigment spots for an even complexion

We have developed our Even Tone Serum especially for skin that tends to hyperpigmentation. The premium product acts on melanin synthesis. A selected complex of active ingredients blocks melanin synthesis in the different phases. This fades existing pigment spots and effectively prevents skin discoloration from forming again.

5. Intensive anti-aging cream

Our revolutionary anti-aging cream Advanced Cellular Marine contains highly effective sea fennel stem cells and supports the regeneration of your body's own stem cells. It improves your skin's metabolism and visibly delays aging.

6. Regenerating and moisturizing facial care

Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals that can damage cells. Our antioxidant cream relies on highly effective ingredients such as resveratrol. Facial care helps the skin to regenerate, stimulates collagen formation and ensures a high level of moisture penetration.

7. Sun protection with SPF 50+

UVA and UVB rays can contribute to premature skin aging and hyperpigmentation. A high sun protection is therefore important in the daily routine. Apply our powerful Cellular Sun Shield sunscreen with SPF 50, which protects your skin from the sun's rays and activates the skin's own repair mechanism.

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