• In order to further develop scientifically based skincare according to the QMS principle, we have founded the QMS ACADEMY of EXPERTS. It consists of selected scientists, physicians, beauty experts and QMS professionals who drive innovation, product development and education to our customers and consumers.

    dr medical Eric Schulte
    Without the vision of the surgeon Dr. medical Erich Schulte, "real" collagen and QMS Medicosmetics would not play a major role in high-performance skin care today. As early as the 1980s, he was looking for a way to prepare the skin of burn and accident victims for good wound healing before surgery. He discovers that the introduction of skin-identical collagen and hyaluronic acid accelerates skin regeneration in a spectacular way, so that its elasticity and appearance improves significantly in record time. For years he has been involved in collagen research and from his findings he finally develops his own therapeutic approach, which he successfully uses in plastic surgery and later in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. The great interest drives him to make this new treatment concept usable for regular anti-aging skin care. In 1994 he finally founded the company QMS Medicosmetics and set a milestone in cosmetics with a completely new skin care system, which is still recognized worldwide today. This system stimulates cell renewal with hyaluronic acid and channels native soluble collagen deep into the epidermis, where it has been proven to ensure lasting moisture penetration and tightening.

    The overwhelming effect on the complexion leads to the fact that the first QMS product becomes a world-renowned bestseller, which has been in demand uninterruptedly for 25 years. Incentive enough for the aesthetics specialist to transform the QMS system into a holistic care program within two decades, which is primarily distributed through renowned spas and cosmetic institutes around the world. Today his life's work lies in the hands of the "QMS ACADEMY of EXPERTS", who join forces to continue his skin care mission: "Trust in science not miracles".

    dr Stefanie Wriedt
    Stefanie Wriedt managed the research & development department of a renowned manufacturer of marine premium cosmetics for 8 years. She is also an expert in institute cosmetics and cosmetic active ingredients.

    Professor Jean Krutmann
    Jean Krutmann is a dermatologist and director of the IUF - Leibniz Institute for Research in Environmental Medicine. He investigates molecular mechanisms of environmental skin aging and associated skin diseases. He also deals with DNS repair systems. The aim of his research is the development of molecular preventive medical approaches against environmentally induced skin damage.


    The QMS Medicosmetics experts are constantly working on Dr. To continue Schulte's life's work, to live on the "QMS Effect" and to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious QMS treatment. Here you can see our state-approved beautician Ms. Sofia Gärtner.

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