AHA + BHA + PHA Daily Lotion

This carefully harmonized composition of effective fruit acids in an optimal concentration was designed specially for refining and improving the skin. 1% prebiotics form a natural protective shield for the skin and ensure a balanced microbiome.

The AHA + BHA + PHA Daily Lotion has the intensity level “Mild” and is suitable for daily use.
It contains the following fruit acids:

- Malic acid (1%): Has a positive effect on the skin’s cellular metabolism
- Tartaric acid (0.5%): Removes dead skin cells, moisturizes
- Lactic acid (0.9%): Protects the skin’s protective acid mantle

- Salicylic acid (0.5%): Helps remove dead skin cells, counteracts blemishes

- Glucono-delta-lactone (3%): Helps remove dead skin cells, moisturizes
- Lactobionic acid (1%): Helps remove dead skin cells, moisturizing, antioxidant

pH value: 3.1

In addition, deep sea water has a remineralizing, detoxifying, and moisturizing effect. Malic acid from baby apples contributes to skin regeneration and promotes cell metabolism.

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